Chairmans Message



I have immense pleasure in welcoming you to the new dimension of Education by Delhi Public School Kawardha, an initiative of DPS Trust, New Delhi and Late Shri Shriram Mathur Education Society.
Today, we all wonder, what is education? I get numerous answers from different sets of people to this question. To sum up these answers into one notion, most people associate good education to a good livelihood. But, to me, education is for life and not just for a good livelihood.



 Mr. Alok Mathur

I believe education to be the soul of the society which one generation passes to another generation. And keeping this as my guiding philosophy, I started this venture. My school strives to empower students to discover the potential in them. This discovery instills in them a sense of confidence to take on the world. May I invite you to guide and nurture these little jewels through the wisdom which our previous generation passed on to us.
The current trend needs to be kept in sight while following the footsteps of our previous generation so that our next generation can carry it forward. The school strongly hopes to fulfill this noble vision into a success with your continuous support and faith.